Information about Lyme disease,

 Lyme disease coinfections, and ALS


This is one long document that has been divided into subcategories. Each of the following subcategories will get its own “page”:

Item 1.)  Possible connection between ALS and Lyme disease  (Last updated on Nov. 4, 2010.)

Item 2.)  Diagnosis of Lyme disease  (Last updated on Nov. 4, 2010.)

Item 3.)  Movie about Lyme disease called “Under Our Skin” features segment on ALS  (Last updated on Nov. 4, 2010.)

Item 4.)  The Herxheimer reaction – what it is; connection between reactions to antibiotic treatment and ALS

Item 5.)  Treatments for Lyme disease and coinfections; connections between Lyme disease, coinfections, glutamate, collagen, and ALS

Item 6.)  Treatment of Lyme disease with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), and its connection to glutamate and ALS

Item 7.)  Probiotic flora implantation into large intestine for faster recovery; oral probiotics; homotoxicology and homeopathy for Lyme disease

Item 8.)  Sauna therapy and whole body vibration therapy for non-toxic immune stimulation; concurrent use of nasal inhalation of oxygen during sauna therapy or during whole body vibration therapy as an equivalent of exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT)

Item 9.)  Suggestions about how to minimize or prevent Herxheimer reactions

Item 10.)  Light therapies for stimulating the immune system, stimulating the movement of lymph in the body, helping to treat pain and inflammation, stimulating blood flow and the formation of capillaries, stimulating wound healing, and stimulating the healing of jawbone cavitations

Item 11.)  Sidebar:  Definitions of medical terms relevant to neuroborreliosis and ALS from Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary 30th Edition


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